Growth Marketing

Level up your marketing engine

Is marketing a key driver of your growth? Or are you spending a lot (of time or $) on marketing, but not getting results? Need more leads to fill the top of your funnel? Not sure of what flavour of marketing you need to win? Or how best you can execute?  321 can help.

Who's it for?

Founders & Non-Marketing Execs

Maybe you’re new to marketing (hello, technical founders!), and “don’t know what you don’t know”… but need t to know how marketing can drive growth, the skills you need on your team, and how much to invest.

“Traditional” Marketers

You’ve done marketing before, but it’s different now.  Your past experience in brand and marcom hasn’t armed you with what you need to win in your current role – namely, running campaigns to drive growth.

Newbies Non-Marketers

Maybe you are a marketing newbie, or want to understand how to collaborate better with marketing. Perhaps you’re a new venture and want to get things “right” at the start – or need guidance as you pivot.

Course description

In 321’s Growth Marketing course, you’ll learn how to build – or level up – your marketing engine so that it can be a driver of your growth.

You’ll learn to do the kind of marketing that leads to revenue – like designing and executing great marketing campaigns, creating great market assets and sales tools, and crafting marketing messages that resonate with your prospects. And you’ll learn while doing – applying your mad new skills in your business, in real-time.

So, whether you’re just starting out with marketing, looking to scale up, or need to fix what isn’t working, Growth marketing is the course for you. 




Clarify your target markets, segments and customers

Learn the key elements of branding

Develop your marketing messages

Learn and practice copywriting basics

Assess what marketing campaigns you need – and design one (or more)

Map out the sales tools and marketing assets you need

Identify your key metrics to assess your marketing ROI

Assess the marketing team and “stack” you need to execute

What people are saying

Kirstie Boyle

As the head of Revenue Generation, I put my entire sales and marketing team through 321 Growth Academy's sales and marketing courses, and highly recommend the program(s) to technology companies and startups looking to grow.

We were successful as a team at achieving triple digit growth year over year, and 321 was an important contributor to our success.

Kirstie Boyle
CEO, Envirosoft

Why Growth Marketing?

From strategy to specifics

Yes, we go into the nitty gritty on marketing tactics. But we also guide you through the strategy bits needed to do great marketing – like understanding your target customer, value, differentiation, and unit economics

Both expert & peer support

You’ll learn from 321 experts and guests, who’ve been there, done that (in spades). But you’ll also learn a ton – and more than you might expect – from your peers in your cohort


The fun (and learning) doesn’t stop when your course ends. We wrap up with Demo Day to celebrate your progress with some friends of 321. And as alumni – and part of the 321 community – you can connect with others in our network (including investors), and attend our events to keep learning

Next event

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How it works

Growth Marketing is not “typical” training. It’s a combination of online learning, lively peer discussions and 1:1 support – all led and facilitated by 321 experts. And designed so you make real progress in building (or optimizing) your marketing engine – each and every week.

Learn – on your own time

Self-drive through our online content to learn the key concepts, and use the 321 worksheets and templates to apply learnings in real-time

Workshop it – with 321 and your peers

Connect every week (hello Zoom!) with your cohort to discuss, answer questions, share real-life examples and check-in on your progress – to keep you on track and to drive to outcomes

Get 1:1 support

Use your “ride-a-long” sessions that provide additional coaching and feedback for your team from 321 experts

Cost / details


First Person

The first person from your company will be $1299 plus applicable taxes and Eventbrite fees.



Second person

The next person from your company will be $400 plus applicable taxes and Eventbrite fees.

2/3 off

Job Grants

There are some great job grants available to fund 2/3 of eligible training costs.


Sarah Morrill

Director of Marketing

Sarah has 15+ years of marketing and customer engagement experience with startups, agencies and big brands.

Carey Houston

Founder & CEO

Carey has 25+ years of experience in startups, scale-ups and services companies, and has been a VP Marketing in four companies.

Chantel Elliot

Experienced Marketing Executive


Guest speakers

In addition, we count these “friends of 321” as part of our broader team. They often chime in as guest speakers in 321 courses.

Arleigh Vasconcellas

The Agency
Linkedin →

Jordan Boyd

The guys from Vovia

Umair Tazeem

Chantel Elliot

Material Insight
Linkedin →

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