Lean Sales

Want to supercharge your sales?

Struggling to consistently hit your targets? Wondering how to reach – and engage – prospects? Lacking a repeatable sales process? Unsure how to handle stalled deals, or close them faster? Need to extend your runway, or attract investors with sales momentum? 321 can help.

Who's it for?

Founders & Sales Leaders

You are part of the founding team or have overall responsibility for revenue. You might be early-stage and want to “get it right” at the start. Or, you’ve got some challenges, want to accelerate traction or need guidance as you work through a pivot.

Sales Team Members

You might be a member of the sales team. You’re not in charge but need some guidance so you can execute well – and consistently across the broader sales team – to hit your revenue targets.

Other Team Members

You work in Marketing, Customer Success, or Product, and need to get aligned with sales – pronto. In order for your company to win, the broader team has to get aligned on how you’re going to grow.

Course description

In 321’s Lean Sales course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about sales – from prospecting through closing – all while applying what you learn in your business in real-time.

You’ll get clear on who you are selling to, why they will want to buy, and understand what they might pay. You’ll learn effective ways to engage prospects and map out a scalable sales process that will work for your product and markets.

Whether you’re building your sales from scratch, looking to scale up, or need to fix what isn’t working, Lean Sales is the course for you.



Know your target

define your markets, segments and customers

Why they'll buy

better understand your customer's problem and your value proposition

Understand the numbers

review your pricing, understand your customers’ ROI and your own unit economics

Make it repeatable

build a scalable sales process that aligns with how your customers want to buy

Engage prospects

learn prospecting tactics to build the top of your funnel

Build your story

craft (or refine) your sales messaging

Show & tell

understand how to do effective sales presentations and product demos

Proven practices

qualifying, managing and closing deals

What people are saying

Hanif Joshaghani

“We’ve moved from $10,000 to seven-figures a month in sales in a year… coming away from (321) we had the building blocks to scale.”

Hanif Joshaghani
Co-Founder & CEO, Symend

Dr. Alina Turner and Travis Turner

“…we had the capacity, and (our) idea was right, but we needed someone to unlock it. (321’s) process has been a game changer.”

Dr. Alina Turner and Travis Turner
Co-Founders, HelpSeeker

How it works

Lean Sales is not “typical” training. It’s a combination of online learning, lively peer discussions and 1:1 support – all led and facilitated by 321 experts. And designed so you make real progress in building (or optimizing) your sales engine – each and every week.

Learn – on your own time

Self-drive through our online content to learn the key concepts, and use the 321 worksheets and templates to apply learnings in real-time

Workshop it – with 321 and your peers

Connect every week (hello Zoom!) with your cohort to discuss, answer questions, share real-life examples and check-in on your progress – to keep you on track and to drive to outcomes

Get 1:1 support

Use your “ride-a-long” sessions that provide additional coaching and feedback for your team from 321 experts

Why Lean Sales

From strategy to specifics

Yes, we go into the nitty gritty on sales and prospecting. But we also guide you through the strategy bits needed to win at sales – like understanding your target customer, value, differentiation, pricing and unit economics

Both expert & peer support

You’ll learn from 321 experts and guests, who’ve been there, done that (in spades). But you’ll also learn a ton – and more than you might expect – from your peers in your cohort


The fun (and learning) doesn’t stop when your course ends. We wrap up with Demo Day to celebrate your progress with some friends of 321. And as alumni – and part of the 321 community – you can connect with others in our network (including investors), and attend our events to keep learning


Our proven model of “Learn while doing” ensures progress at each session. 321 alumni outcomes confirm their participation led to accelerated growth and revenue

Cost / Details


First Person

The first person from your company will be $1299 plus applicable taxes and Eventbrite fees.


Second Person

The next person from your company will be $400 plus applicable taxes and Eventbrite fees.

2/3 off

Job Grants

There are some great job grants (link to blog) available to fund 2/3 of eligible training costs.


Carey Houston

Founder & CEO

Carey has 25+ years of experience in startups, scale-ups and services companies, and has been a VP Marketing in four companies.

April Jones

Experienced Sales Executive


Guest speakers

In addition, we count these “friends of 321” as part of our broader team. They often chime in as guest speakers in 321 courses.

Mitchell Gillespie

Thin Air Labs
Linkedin →

April Jones

FirstName LastName

Good Lawyer
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